How to Create a Song Chain

In this activity, a group of young (or older) people will work together to create a “song chain.” In a song chain, each phrase or section of a song is written by a different musician. Each participant starts their creation where the previous one left off. This activity is similar to a Story Chain, Chain Storytelling, or “Continue the Story” activity – but with singing and instruments. For instance, responding to the prompt “Being at home makes me feel…”, Musician A will begin the song by singing a simple musical melody or phrase. Musician A will pass the song to Musician B, who will add and record a new line, and then pass the song to Musician C and so on.


  • Time: 1 hour (or more if you want!)
  • Materials/Equipment:
    Yourself, a group of friends, phones or tablets to record video, any instruments
    (including your voice and found-object instruments)
  • Potential Apps to Use:
    VSCO app ($); BeeCut (Free); VivaVideo (free with watermark); any video
    conferencing platform like Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp Video

What you will get out of this (objectives)

  • Demonstrate rhythm, beats, tempos, pitch and dynamics
  • Demonstrate song writing, storytelling, and performance
  • Practice creating music as a team, collaboration

For the full Song Chain activity please click below to download the printer-friendly PDF!




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