1. Download the track on soundcloud or ITunes or simply play it off YouTube.
  2. Listen to the track. Let your imagination go. Decide how you’re going to add to the track. Will you use an instrument to add a beat? Will you write lyrics and sing to it? Do you just want to dance? Now, you can watch a couple of videos here that show you how you can make your own instrument using found objects. Something like: make a shaker out of a plastic bottle with some rocks, repurpose a can — you get the idea!
  3. Whatever you decide to do – make sure you film it!
  4. Post your amazing and joyous (potentially viral?) video to social media (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, whatever “the kids” are using these days).
  5. AND Don’t forget to use #MakeMusicMakeChange so that we can find you!!
  6. Lastly, if you enjoyed this exercise in Making Music. Making Change, then consider donating to our organization (we’re called Amani Project). Your donation will directly provide opportunities for young people in Colombia, India, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Tanzania to embrace music-making and social and emotional learning as a way to explore emotional health, connectedness, and community engagement.